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Our brand

Our brand

We are a part of the AmerPharma brand, which has been producing high quality nutrients and dietary supplements for over 5 years. Our motto is: More orders make a lower price for everyone.

Based on proven ingredients, we prepare effective compositions of the product, and excellent packaging at a great price. The rich offer includes, among others: sweet syrups, salty sauces, chocolate, peanut butter, energy drinks.

What characterizes our products? They are healthy, free of sugar and unnecessary calories, synthetic aromas, flavours or preservatives. They contain a lot of natural ingredients and functional additives that make the body stronger. And we do not forget about maintaining a delicious taste.

If you are an aware consumer who cares about his own body, makes sport exercises regularly, draws attention to what he eats – to sum up, he just wants to live healthy – you will find something for yourself.

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Types of products

Dry snacks

Dry snacks

Minimum order value: 3,000 pieces

Would you like a snack? Be sure to try all flavours from our offer, which is extremely filled with health and nutritional values.

The range of products:

  • vegetable bar
  • crisps from dried vegetables
  • a mix of superfoods (flavours: chia, goji, nuts, sesame, flax, white mulberry, sunflower)
  • vegetable liquids / sauces (flavours: pumpkin, sesame, sunflower)
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Products for children

Products for children

Minimum order value: 876 jars

If you want your child eating sweets and healthy food at the same time, our products with low sugar content will work perfectly.

The range of products:

  • peanut butter (flavours: smooth, crunchy, chocolate, caramel, toffee, vanilla, coconut, chocolate-vanilla, chocolate-coconut, chocolate-caramel)
  • healthy nut-chocolate cream (flavours: chocolate, toffee)
  • fruit smoothie drinks
  • soy smoothie drinks, including based on vegetable milk (flavour: vanilla)
  • sugar-free jams (flavours: apple, raspberry, strawberry, forest fruits, peach, apricot, apple-peach, raspberry-strawberry, apricot-peach, raspberry-forest fruits)
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Tonics and functional drinks

Tonics and functional drinks

Minimum order value: 6,000 bottles

Healthy drinks with many flavours will help you keep the energy for a long time. All because of the natural ingredients having a positive effect on the body.

The range of products:

  • shot (flavours: apple, raspberry, strawberry, forest fruits, peach, apricot, apple-peach, raspberry-strawberry, apricot-peach, raspberry-forest fruits)
  • tonic (flavour: citrus)
  • drinks enriched with ingredients that improve health, well-being and the condition of the skin (flavour: citrus)
  • fresh, natural purees (flavour: apple)
  • tonics with vegetables, vitamins and functional additives
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