About project

KLEMENT REAL ESTATE MARIUSZ KLEMENTOWSKI realizes the project entitled “Improvement of the company’s competitiveness thanks to implementation of the design strategy recommendations.” Under Priority Axis 1 Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland, Measure 1.4. Pattern for competition Stage II, under the Operational Program Eastern Poland.

Project goals:
The aim of the project is to strengthen the competitiveness of the company by increasing its potential in the area of ​​skilful design management and increasing the use of design in the company’s operations, which will directly translate into the implementation of new products on the market.

Planned effects:
1) Increase in competitiveness and revenue through better design management and the introduction of new products.
2) Adapting design to current needs and market trends.
3) Better knowledge of trends, needs and expectations.
4) Co-operation of activities and communication in terms of design.
5) Export development and reaching new target groups.
6) Achieve certain financial results.