The magic of superfoods

‘Superfoods’ means the food with a very high nutritional value. It is an ideal solution for people who plan a healthy diet, care for their appearance and physical condition, have an active lifestyle. What products deserve to be called superfoods? What are their characteristic features? How to properly use their beneficial power?

Using a term ‘superfoods’, you can count here both familiar, known to each person products  – for example, garlic, onions, berries, broccoli, linseed, kale – as well as more exotic and less popular, among others: goji berries, algae, quinoa, amaranth, green barley, acai berries, chia seeds. And also plants such as: nettle, black cumin, purge, dandelion, parsley.

The task of superfoods is to provide the consumer with health, a young appearance and great amounts of energy. How does it work? These natural products contain a lot of antioxidants that slow the growth of cancer cells. They also have minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that act savingly on the digestive, immune or blood system. Eating them gives the body a truly kick of the health, and protects against diabetes and heart disease.

In order for both your body and your mind to feel the full power of superfoods, you must consume these products regularly, and not only focus on one ingredient, but mix them sensibly with each other in your daily diet.

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